Solar Energy in the Ham Shack

  Going Solar Without Breaking the Bank  

This is a Power Point presentation that I have shared with numerous ham clubs in Central California. It is not meant to be a technical paper on solar energy. Rather, it is a brief look at inexpensive ways to get started in photovoltaic energy.

My hope is to encourage more hams to begin experimenting with solar energy. As they "go green" such experimenters will save money over the long haul, and they will have the tremendous satisfaction of continuing the ham legacy of being on the leading edge of technology.

Who knows? Perhaps one of you brilliant minds will make a discovery that will revolutionize our way of generating power!

The document is saved here as a pdf file, so you will need to install Acrobat Reader** on your computer to read the document.

Solar Energy in the Ham Shack

** Download  Acrobat Reader. It's freeware.


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