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On this page I share my love for creating with wood. I added this "Woodworking" page to my website to illustrate another side of my reality. One of the good things about retirement – I have found more time to pursue this"hankering" to get out my tools and make sawdust!

Below, on this page, you will see an assortment of projects I've completed in the recent past.

Here's a bit of a humorous aside to my enthusiasm for wood... When you offer a friend a hand-turned pen as a gift and they roll their eyes, you know it's time to find another outlet for your creativity! In my case, I had enough encouragement from family and friends, I decided to open an Etsy shop.

If you'd like to see the current items for sale, please visit: Clymer Wood Designs

I should add: If you see anything here, or in my Etsy Shop that excites you, but perhaps you'd like another wood type, size, etc., I am at your service. Custom work / special orders energize me! Please contact me through my Etsy Shop.

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Being Creative With Wood

I have been a hobby style woodworker for many years, but more recently began wood turning. I try to use local, salvaged wood whenever possible. Often this involves trees that were damaged in storms, naturally fallen, or the owner simply wanted a tree removed. So where does this love of wood come from? I think I was born with woodworking genes.

My mother came from a family of craftsmen — her father, uncles and her brother were all skilled woodworkers. As a child I was utterly fascinated with their workbenches and toolboxes. When I was about 8, my dad gave me a small Craftsman jig saw. Thus began my "career" of bird houses, bookends, and decorative corner shelves.

The summer I was 16 I got a job in a custom kitchen cabinet shop. My job was sanding doors. I finish-sanded every door that left the shop that summer! Back then, nobody realized that sawdust was bad for the lungs! Where was OSHA when I needed them?

Through the years I've always had a woodshop with a small selection of hand and power tools. I never did anything professional, but just loved to "piddle" around with small wood projects. Now in retirement, I keep myself busy with small woodworking projects: keepsake boxes, wooden barn quilts, and other wall hangings.

As a wood turner, I enjoy turning bowls, pens and boxes from common and exotic woods.

One of the painful aspects of woodturning is seeing such a large part of a beautiful piece of wood end up on the floor as shavings. The photo below is an example. This pile of shavings came from the hollowed out section of a small Red Oak wood box.

Wood Turning

Here's an example of the process from raw materials to finished product. I turned three small boxes from this chunk of Red Oak firewood.

3 Red Oak Boxes

Clymer Wood Designs

Samples of my work

Keepsake Boxes:

Left – Inexpensive Pine box with Walnut veneer top, Red Oak splines

Left Center – Beautiful Cherry Box with Maple top and Poplar splines

Right Center – Turned Small Cherry Box

Right – Turned Small Ambrosia Maple Box

Pine Box Cherry Keepsake Box
Cherry Turned Box
Ambrosia Maple Turned Box
Pine Box Cherry Keepsake Box Cherry Turned Box
Ambrosia Maple Turned Box

Stem Vases:

Left – Box Elder Stem Vase

Center – Stem Vase made from Apple Wood

Right – Another Apple Wood Stem Vase

Stem Vase Boxelder Stem Vase Apple Stem Vase Apple

Wall Hangings:

Left – Wooden Barn Quilt – available in many patterns

Right – Arrangement of Tree Slices

Wooden Barn Quilt Wall Hanging

Seasonal – Wreaths, Candle Holders...:

Left – Fall / Harvest wreath made of tree slices; available with Christmas theme

Right – Christmas Tea light Candle Holder; available in single, double

Wooden Harvest Wreath Christmas Candles


Left – Solid Cherry Mantle Clock

Right – Pen turned from Ambrosia Maple

Cherry Mantle Clock Makes a tremendous Christmas gift! Ambrosia Maple Pen

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