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WS6X Awards

Considering the very small Fresno city lot that hosted my "antenna farm" for 30+ years, one of my "small proud moments" is the DXCC totals I've earned over the years. You won't find me near the top of any list, but it certainly gives me a feeling of great accomplishment!

See DXCC Totals Spreadsheet

Perhaps one of my most prized awards is the 5B DXCC. As you can see from my over-all DXCC Totals, I've actually worked — and confirmed — 9-band DXCC!

5-Band DXCC Plaque

5-Band DXCC!
Click to see larger image.

In retrospect, however, this was a relatively easy accomplishment compared to the 5-Band Worked All Zones, which I'm currently chasing. Again from the DXCC Totals chart, I am just one Zone shy on 80M from reaching this pinnacle. I still need Zone 34 on 80!

Now, here's the irony that still has me grinding my teeth. During my CQWW CW stint with KP4US, November 2006, one of my buddies worked 5A7A from MY station, using only 200 Watts! He forgot that I NEEDED Zone 34 on 80, so never bothered to work them with my call! Arrggghhh!!

The J. Alan Ross award is the most distinguished award issued by the Fresno Amateur Radio Club.

J. Alan Ross Award!

J Alan Ross Award
Click to see larger image.

I was a member of FARC from 1983 until my move to VA in 2014. I served on various boards and held the offices of Vice President for one term and Treasurer for two terms. It was with tremendous honor, humility, and a bit of a shock when I received this award in 2003. The plaque is displayed prominently and proudly on the wall of my shack with all the rest of my most cherished awards.

Each year The Central California DX Club issues the DX-er of the Year award to a member who has made an outstanding contribution to the club.

DX-er of the Year

DX-er of the Year
Click to see larger image.

When I received the award in 2005, it was a complete surprise! I'm not exactly sure when I first joined the club, but I always enjoyed the camaraderie of the Central Cal members. I wrote several articles for the club newsletter and for several years was the webmaster for the now-defunct Club Website.

Since my move to Rockingham County Virginia I have been a member of MARA, Massanutten Amateur Radio Association.


DXCC Band Totals

WS6X DXCC Band / Zone Totals WS6X DXCC Awards
Band Worked Cfmd Zones Wrkd Zones Cfmd DXCC Earned
160M 217 201 38 29 9-Band DXCC (160 - 10)
80M 299 265 39 37 #1 Honor Roll
60M 74 54 22 3  
40M 338 328 40 40  DXCC Challenge - 2391
30M 313 263 40 31 Mixed DXCC - 353
20M 346 339 40 40 CW DXCC - 347
17M 328 277 40 30 Phone DXCC - 337
15M 325 294 40 36 RTTY DXCC - 321
12M 263 209 38 27  QRP Worked - 95
10M 293 248 40 34 Including 22 on 160M!