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The Antenna Farm

Like any ham radio station, the equipment here at WS6X consists of two main parts — the Antennas, often called the "Antenna Farm", and the Radio Room, also known as "The Shack". In this section we will take a walk outside, looking at the antennas in use at WS6X.

To describe the WS6X antenna system as a "Farm" would probably qualify as the overstatement of the century! When I moved to the current QTH in Virginia, the plan was to downsize significantly from the antenna system in California. The choice of a 6 acre property "way out in the country" was with the hope of continuing my pursuit of low-band DX-ing.

In spite of the downsized antenna farm, the very quiet location, situated at 1400 feet ASL, has allowed me to remain fairly competitive. Operating the low-bands from this electrically quiet QTH has given me a new lease on life on 160 meters!

The current HF antennas at WS6X, mounted or attached to the 55' crank-up tower:

For low-band RX I have at my disposal:

  • A 2-el K9AY system
  • A Hi-Z 2-element system
  • A Pixel Technologies loop
  • A very low U-shaped dipole
I can use any combination of two with the K3S in full diversity receive. This has vastly improved my RX capabilities on 160 and 80.

For a closer look at the antennas currently in use at WS6X, check out the photos here:

Photo Gallery - Antennas